What To Bring When Starting Drug Rehab Near Morgantown WV?

Every rehab center has a strict policy regarding the items you can and cannot bring. When packing for rehab, you should check with your chosen rehab Morgantown WV center about the allowed items. As for the necessities, most of the rehab facilities recommend more or less the same list of essentials. This comprehensive guide is here to help you curate your packing list and get ready for rehab with ease.

Overcoming addiction requires making steps towards healthy life every day. The decision to embark on your recovery journey is already a huge step in itself. Harmony Ridge Recovery Center has its doors open for you whenever you decide to take steps towards a new life and overcome addiction for good. In addition to being one of the best detox centers in WV, we also include a wide range of recovery programs, therapies, and a relapse prevention plan. From the moment you arrive, you’ll have the best assistance at every step of your recovery, in a pleasant and serene environment.

Essential items most rehab Morgantown WV rehab facilities allow bringing

When making a list of items to pack, start with clothes, then proceed to toiletries. Leave additional items last. That way, you won’t forget anything important to pack. Keep in mind you’ll spend at least 30 days at a rehab center. Therefore, pack enough essentials so you don’t lack anything.

checked box with a checkmark
Make a list of all essential items recommended by your chosen rehab center.

The clothes you’re allowed to take with you:

  • Comfortable and breathable shirts.
  • A cardigan or two.
  • Underwear.
  • Socks.
  • Sneakers and other comfy shoes.
  • Slippers.
  • Pants.
  • Pajamas.
  • Sweatshirt.
  • Sweatpants
  • A jacket if you’re attending rehab in the fall or winter.
  • Outfit for a special occasion such as a family gathering at the center.

The list of essential toiletries:

  • Toothbrush and paste.
  • Shampoo and conditioner.
  • Body lotion.
  • Deodorant (stick or roll-on).
  • Sunscreen.
  • Brush.
  • Shaving cream or foam.
  • Makeup (if you wear any).

Other necessities:

  • identification document
  • prescription list
  • a small amount of money
  • journal or notebook
  • books that refer to self-help and recovery

Prohibited items you shouldn’t pack

These are common items that are banned from most rehab centers:

  • Gaming equipment.
  • Scented candles.
  • Razors, clippers, and other sharp objects.
  • Beauty and hygienic products have alcohol as the main ingredient.
  • Shirts with triggering prints or words.
  • Aerosol deodorants.
  • Any kind of drink.
  • Liquids containing alcohol.

Some rehab centers don’t mind bringing laptops or other gadgets. However, they prohibit internet connection and limit their usage. If you desire to bring a laptop with you, explain the reasons to the rehab center staff, however, they have a final word on whether you’ll be allowed in the center with a laptop or not.

a man holding spray bottle
Aerosols and liquids containing alcohol are strictly prohibited at rehab Morgantown WV facilities.

Why are rehab facilities strict about the list of allowed items?

As mentioned before, rehab centers have special policies on allowed and prohibited items. There’s a good reason why even seemingly harmless items like gadgets aren’t allowed into drug rehab centers in Morgantown WV. Any item that drives your attention away from recovery mustn’t be in close proximity.

One of the aims of rehab is to keep you away from all external triggers that would hinder your progress. Furthermore, your daily life at a rehab center is going to be structured and on schedule. Your full attention must be directed toward recovery, therapy, and developing healthier coping mechanisms. That being said, only essential items are necessary to have

Don’t forget to double-check with a rehab center about allowed items

Usually, you can find packing information in the FAQ section. However, some information might be left out. For example, you can’t know whether or not you can bring extra items that aren’t on the list. That’s why it’s better to check this with the rehab centers you’re considering.

comfy sweater
When packing for rehab Morgantown WV center, stick to comfortable clothes.

Make two lists – one for essentials, and one for extra items. E-mail them to a rehab center and then give them a call to let them know you’d like to have them check the lists. Once they do, they’ll let you know whether they’re approved, or if there are things you have to cross from the list.

What to do in case you pack banned items by mistake

It often happens that patients forget to get clippers out of their cosmetics bags or pack aerosol deodorant by mistake. Rest assured you have nothing to worry about in case this happens to you. Staff at rehab centers will check your belongings and remove anything you’ve accidentally packed. Therefore it’s better to have someone with you who can take those belongings back home. Otherwise, you can ship them to a family member or close friend.

Make sure to follow the recovery center’s policy while you’re packing. Double-check all everything to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the essentials. It helps to have the list of allowed items with you so you don’t happen to pack prohibited stuff by mistake.

What to expect when you enter rehab at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

Rehab is the beginning of a challenging and often extensive process. Once you complete the program, it’s essential to remain drug or alcohol-free permanently. Here at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, your well-being is under our care. What you get once you arrive here is complete assistance and unconditional support right from the beginning. The team of medical and mental health experts works together in order to help each patient leave addiction in the past. Hence why we operate as one of the most reputable drug and alcohol rehab centers in WV, and work tirelessly to meet all needs our patients have.

We want every discharged patient to start a new chapter in their life and live independently. To achieve that, we implemented innovative approaches to addiction recovery, paired with mental help tools. We see recovery as a lifelong journey and thus help our patients acquire the skillsets they need to remain sober long-term.

Calm environment

Harmony Ridge is located far from noise and external influences. That way, we ensured that our patients receive ongoing care without distractions. Plus, they have all the space they need to recover, reset, and rethink.

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center includes residential treatment facilities

If you search for the best residential treatment facilities in WV, chances are you’ll come across Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. We offer the best conditions and a serene environment for your ongoing recovery. When it comes to severe cases of sobriety, it’s difficult to show progress in noisy and distracting surroundings. That’s why staying in our residential facilities can benefit you in an array of ways:

  • You are isolated from external triggers that may provoke your cravings.
  • Medical help is at your disposal 24/7.
  • Therapy sessions happen in a safe space and are facilitated by experienced mental health experts.

We implement scientifically approved and effective therapy plans

Psychotherapy is an essential segment of our recovery programs. To get to the root cause of addictive habits, we implement a CBT treatment plan for substance abuse. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps individuals recognize psychological ties to their addiction. The goal is also for a patient to understand that only proactive work on their mental well-being can help them get out of the addictive loop. In addition, it’s essential for a patient to gain a deeper insight into emotions. Emotional health is the first to suffer due to addiction, as prolonged drug or alcohol use gradually disconnects a user from their needs and feelings. Once the recovery process begins, it becomes difficult to deal with re-emerging emotions, guilt, disappointment, and other intense feelings. Withdrawal can make this process even more difficult. That’s why CBT is a powerful tool for tackling and treating the psychological aspect of addiction.

focused black man at a therapy session
We implement various kinds of therapies.

Similar to CBT, Dialectical behavior therapy for addiction also helps with severe addiction cases. The difference is that DBT goes the extra mile. It’s designed for those who are prone to extreme behavior, and thus have polarized views on the world and society. Negative thought patterns that already exist are exacerbated due to drug and alcohol consumption. Hence why our licensed therapists implement DBT techniques that address all these issues.

Rehab programs

We recommend our intensive inpatient program (IIP) for those who need a complete exclusion from the outside world during rehab. That means spending 24/7 in a rehab facility and being under supervision. When it comes to an intensive outpatient program, constant monitoring isn’t necessary. The program is for less severe cases than those that require IIP. At our center, you can apply for one of the most effective intensive outpatient programs West Virginia has to provide.

Aftercare treatment and relapse prevention plan

The post-recovery process involves therapy sessions, family support, as well a relapse prevention plan. The first days of a new, freshly sober life are crucial, which is why aftercare is strongly advised. During this period, you’ll learn how to apply learned skills in your day-to-day life. Aftercare is an important aspect of a relapse prevention plan you get after completing the rehab. It involves therapy sessions and developing healthier coping mechanisms on your behalf. The skills you gain with the help of one of our licensed professionals will make it easier for you to stay sober as long as possible.

a woman meditating at a rehab Morgantown WV center
As one of the best rehab Morgantown WV centers, we take an innovative approach towards addiction treatments that help our patients overcome addictions and remain sober.

Sober living home

Transitioning from rehab o the outside world can be overwhelming for many recovering individuals. For those who need more time to adjust, we advise staying in our sober living WV home. What you get in addition to a residential stay is the schedule of chores. The point of a stay in sober living homes is to make re-socialization smoother. The chores are there to keep your focus on responsibilities and help you adopt habits necessary for an organized life. It’s all done in a comfortable and calm environment where your daily life goes undisturbed.

We provide some of the best sober living residential stays WV has on offer. Feel free to let us know if you or someone you know needs it.

Dual Diagnosis treatment

More often than not, mental health issues accompany severe addiction. Hence why it’s necessary to treat both conditions simultaneously. Additionally, we deploy a Dual Diagnosis treatment as a means to help patients break the addiction cycle for good.

The correlation between mental health struggles and addiction behaviors is crucial to understand. That’s why any particular addiction treatment (benzo addiction treatment, for instance) – is accompanied by adequate therapy. That way, we tackle all contributing factors that cause anxiety.

Ways to pay for rehab at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

The cost of rehab doesn’t have to stop you from taking steps to improve your life. Harmony Ridge is a part of the Medicaid program that covers medical expenses for pregnant women, the elderly population, and low-income individuals.

a person signing a document
Contact us to confirm if we accept insurance you consider applying for.

In addition to online fundraising platforms, you can also opt for insurance coverage.¬†Harmony Ridge accepts most of the insurance options. However, we do recommend contacting us regarding the insurance you’re considering.

The doors to Harmony Ridge are open for you

Learning how to live addiction-free is a process that may last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to have sufficient support, as well as medical assistance provided at one of the best rehab Morgantown WV centers. The first step is to decide to embark on a recovery journey and face the challenges that may arise. Once you do, feel free to contact Harmony Ridge at your earliest convenience. The entire team of professional experts is there to help you take a hold of your life.


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