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What does meth do to your teeth? | Harmony Ridge Recovery Center WV

What Does Meth Do To Your Teeth? – Experts at Harmony Ridge Explain

What does meth do to your teeth? Methamphetamine, also known as meth, harms not only your biochemistry and organs but also your bone structure. That also means tooth decay and damaged gums.

The rising number of meth addiction cases raised serious concerns. Many of them end up fatally due to the absence of adequate help and care. That’s why we at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center developed and upgraded a meth rehab treatment that can help you or your loved one fight through addiction. We operate as one of the addiction treatment centers in West Virginia with the highest quality of care, so rest assured your recovery process is in safe hands.

What is “Meth Mouth”?

Meth mouth is a term coined to describe the condition of teeth and gum due to prolonged meth abuse. In addition, it’s also a clear sign of developing (or severe) addiction. Chemical compounds in meth aren’t just damaging but also highly addictive. That said, a person abusing meth gets physiologically and psychologically addicted to meth while destroying their entire body at the same time. That’s why meth mouth differs from neglected dental hygiene. The teeth of a person who causes meth on a regular basis look rotten and severely discolored.

a man examining what does meth do to your teeth
So, what does meth do to your teeth? It damages them due to its abrasive chemical compounds.

How meth affects teeth?

Meth mouth won’t manifest right at the beginning of meth usage. The first signs show up after prolonged drug abuse:

  • Discoloration due to meth abuse means the body is starting to develop physical dependency.
  • Teeth continue to stain to the point of looking dark yellow.
  • Protective enamel disappears over time.
  • Since enamel is gone, teeth are exposed to the acidity of meth.
  • The color of teeth changes to dark brown or even black.
  • Teeth begin to decay.
  • Gums disease is prevalent among people who abuse meth.
  • Due to weakened gums, teeth either break or fall out.

Grinding and clenching

Facial muscle spasms due to the effects of meth cause teeth grinding and clenching. This also damages teeth, especially when the user abuses meth constantly. Occasional teeth grinding may occur even months after the user stops meth abuse. This speaks volumes about how much meth is actually addictive and the long-term consequences it causes.

professor demonstrating what meth does to your teeth
What does meth do to your teeth other than discoloration? It makes them weak and easy to chip and fall out.

Meth addicts consume large amounts of sugar

According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the majority of meth addicts crave high-calorie, sugary food and beverages. The need for comfort and sweet food becomes stronger, particularly in the “high” state. Too much sugar damages teeth enamel, causing cavities and plaque, and speeds up tooth decay.

High-calorie fast food and sugars are cheaper and accessible to low-income individuals who struggle with meth addiction. The so-called state of “high” enhances the need for the consumption of sweets. Poor food choices continue as the addiction progresses, especially among those who struggle with emotional issues.

Lack of dental care

Drug abuse leads to unhealthy habits. Poor hygiene and lack of self-care are one of them. When teeth aren’t brushed and flossed, teeth begin to stain and slowly decay.

In addition, lack of dental care can be attributed to low economic status. In the states where healthcare is expensive, not many people can afford a simple visit to the dentist. Furthermore, meth addiction is frequent in low-income households and among individuals on the verge of poverty. These are the groups that don’t have access to much-needed healthcare.

Is it possible to reverse meth mouth?

Meth causes damage to teeth beyond repair. While addiction is possible to treat at a meth rehab center in West Virginia, teeth can’t be restored to their previous condition. Dental damage requires special procedures. Currently, teeth replacement is the only solution. During the procedure, the dentist replaces rotten and broken teeth with dental implants.

teeth molds
Damaged teeth can be replaced with dental implants.

How can meth rehab help?

When you start looking for meth rehab near Point Pleasant WV, you’ll notice that rehabilitation facilities provide specific treatment that entails more than medical assistance. While it’s important to remove the drug from your system, the underlying reasons behind drug abuse also matter. That’s why the contemporary meth rehab program includes extensive psychotherapy sessions.

Rest assured; it’s not late to see the help you need. You can have a sober and healthy life once again, thanks to an extensive rehab program. That’s why knowing where you would begin your recovery journey is important.

How long is meth rehab meant to last?

Only long term drug rehab WV program can help struggling individuals get past their addiction to meth and reclaim their life. It includes:

  • Medical detoxification so the drug can leave the system completely.
  • Individual rehab plan, including extensive psychotherapy.
  • Workshops and physical activities.
  • Active work on overcoming addictive habits and patterns.

Since recovering from meth abuse takes time, it’s recommended to enter intensive inpatient rehab. This is by far the most effective way to help patients with a severe addiction to meth recover and return to normalcy. The best choice is rehab centers close to nature and far from loud city areas. When there are no distractions, patients can fully commit to recovery and feel safe during rehab. You can find plenty of residential treatment facilities in WV that provide all the necessary conditions and a safe space for your recovery journey.

Is outpatient rehab equally effective?

For those whose budget is limited, outpatient rehab is a good option. The difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab is mostly in the duration of the program. Outpatient rehab requires you to attend treatments 5-6 days a week and spend no more than a few hours. What’s also great about this type of program is the possibility of proceeding with work while recovering from drug abuse.

You have to keep in mind that outpatient rehab brings extra challenges:

  • It’s good to have someone to help you around the home and keep you accountable, at least at the beginning of a program.
  • Your home must be clean, tidy, and clutter-free from top to bottom. Since you wouldn’t be living in a rehab facility, It would be great to turn your home into a safe place and maintain it.
  • Addiction recovery requires commitment. If you enter outpatient rehab straight away, keep in mind it will take some extra effort to stay the course. Therefore, draw several schedules on large A4 paper, and tape them in your room, kitchen, entry hall, etc.  This way, you’ll easily remind yourself when is your next appointment.
  • Relapse is likely to happen due to external triggers that are hard to avoid. However, there are things you can do in order to stay focused on recovery and not let cravings get the best of you: drawing, creative workshop, mild physical activity, techniques provided by your psychotherapist, conversation with a close person, etc.

Inpatient rehab works best for severe addiction cases

If you or your loved one struggle with a severe addiction to meth, inpatient rehab is the best possible option for them. Meth addiction is best treated in a controlled environment, where patients receive round-the-clock care. Once they complete inpatient rehab, patients may step down to outpatient rehab and begin to slowly resocialize. Thanks to various insurance policies, you can find a way to fully fund inpatient rehab without draining your savings accounts.

Another thing that makes inpatient rehab near Marietta OH (or elsewhere) efficient for severe meth addiction is location. The stats show that a high percentage of people recovering from addiction at secluded rehab facilities have better chances of maintaining sobriety.

Is it possible to treat meth addiction and mental disorders?

Co-existing mental disorders can make addiction recovery difficult. However, with the right treatment, such as Dual Diagnosis, it’s possible to treat both problems at once. Fortunately, many rehab centers deploy this kind of addiction treatment in order to help patients overcome addiction and deal with mental health struggles in a healthier way.

a man holding his head and speaking with psychologist
An extensive meth rehab program can help you overcome addiction and rebuild your life.

If you suffer from mental disorders and addiction, there is nothing to be ashamed of. The addiction psychiatrist will make an assessment and decide the further course of action. In case pharmacotherapy is required, rest assured it consists of medications that support your addiction recovery.

Is medical detox mandatory?

Yes, medical detox is what you must undergo in order to enter rehab fully. Once the drug leaves your system, you can proceed to the next step of your rehab plan.

Paying for meth rehab

The cost of rehab may represent a challenge for those who struggle financially. The good news is there are various ways to fund your or your loved one’s rehab without worrying about the expenses.

Medicare and Medicaid

Seniors over 65 or individuals with disabilities may apply for Medicare to cover their rehab expenses, regardless of their social and economic status. Furthermore, low-income families can apply for Medicaid coverage for their loved ones and fund the majority of treatments this way. Make sure to research rehabs in WV that accept Medicaid, make a list, and contact each of them for more details.

Insurance coverage plans

There are many insurance plans out there that can partially or entirely cover your rehab expenses. However, before you even apply, there are a couple of things you must check prior:

  1. Make sure you’re eligible for the insurance plan(s) you are considering applying for.
  2. List all insurance options you qualify for and see if the rehab centers accept them.

Once you make sure you can apply for insurance coverage, whether it’s Blue Cross Blue Shield, AETNA, and others, collect all the documentation. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact the staff at a rehab facility for guidance.

a drawinf of a blue umbrella and the word insurance written above it
You can fund rehab worry-free thanks to different insurance plans.

Online crowdfunding

Another way you can fund rehab is through online donations. Various online crowdfunding platforms (like GoFundMe) have proven successful in raising enough money for personal causes (surgeries, chemotherapy, addiction treatments, etc.).

Is it possible to pay for rehab with more than one payment option?

You can fund a large portion of rehab with insurance and pay the rest with the money you raised online, for instance. Whichever rehab in Fairmont WV you come into contact with, make sure to ask whether multiple payment options are possible (and which ones). Each rehab center has its policy, so you’d better check this on time.

The consequences of addiction to meth go beyond damaged teeth

Besides recognizable meth mouth, anger outbursts and uncontrolled displays of inner pain are also strong indicators of heavy meth addiction. In addition, an individual suffering from the consequences of meth abuse also experiences high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and an array of other health issues. Also, co-existing mental health disorders become a lot more amplified. Meth addiction leads to wrecked life, health, and psyche. However, there’s a way to put this destructive cycle to an end. Don’t hesitate to let your closest ones know that you need help and to make the necessary steps towards your recovery.

young man waiting in a building and smoking
Smoking meth does irreversible damage to your teeth, health, and mental well-being.

Harmony Ridge remains at your disposal

What does meth do to your teeth and overall well-being? This article painted a pretty vivid picture. The outcome of meth addiction can be fatal if measures of precautions aren’t taken on time. Here at Harmony Ridge, we offer a meth rehab program with all the necessary treatments to help you leave addiction-infused life far into the past. We treat not only the physiological consequences of meth abuse but also the psychological ones. You can start your recovery journey today with a simple phone call. Our team stands at your disposal for all questions regarding admission, rehab program, insurance coverage, etc.

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