Treatment Programs


No matter what your issue is, Harmony Ridge Treatment Center has treatment programs and therapies that can be tailored to your needs. We know that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all so at our center, we have programs for:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient Programs
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Alternative and Holistic therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment

West Virginia Medical Detox Center


For many in Walker, WV, medical detox is a necessary form of treatment required at the top of their addiction treatment. Depending on the individual’s history of abuse, what kind of substance he or she has been abusing, and for how long, medical detox might be a requirement before receiving any further therapeutic treatments.

The trend today is to have you go through the detoxification process in a facility that specializes in dealing with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The transition usually occurs on a short-term (five to seven days) inpatient basis. Of course, this time frame may vary depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction and the length of time of the addiction.

The process of detox can be difficult and painful, but some medications can help you get through the worst symptoms. Many people give up and relapse because of the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from some drugs may be physically mild but can cause psychotic symptoms that may be life-threatening. That is why detox in a supervised medical facility is so important.

Residential Treatment Center in Walker, WV


After detox, the real work starts, and our drug & alcohol residential treatment programs in Walker, West Virginia welcomes individuals who desire to focus on his or her treatment without any interruptions. This greatly increases his or her chances of success.  Going through this process alongside others who can understand what they are experiencing adds to the feeling of support and trust.

What is Residential Treatment?

This is where you begin to address the reasons why you started using substances and perhaps any underlying mental issues. In Residential treatment, individuals live at the treatment facility and experience 24-hour care while attending therapy sessions. They can receive a higher level of care than what can be provided by group, individual, or family therapy alone.

With services being provided on an around-the-clock basis, clients participating in a residential treatment program will be provided with several beneficial means designed to reinforce their recovery. From family therapy and wellness education to individual therapy and adventure therapy, Harmony Ridge covers all bases in the residential treatment program.

The very root of what Harmony Ridge is all about can be found in the therapeutic services that we provide. We believe in providing evidence-based, clinically effective therapies that have proven potential to affect significant change in the lives of those looking to push past addiction and make it through to recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Walker, WV


Those who participate in our intensive outpatient program in Walker, West Virginia, often do so after completing a residential program or a partial hospitalization program (PHP). It is the perfect therapeutic setting for those who still require a strong guiding hand in their recovery, but do not need the same level of care as those in a residential program.

Harmony Ridge’s intensive outpatient program, better known as our IOP, usually offers programming in the mornings (9 a.m. – 12 p.m.) or evenings (6 p.m. – 9 p.m.). There, patients will receive life skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and relapse prevention classes.

Outpatient Program In Walker, WV


The outpatient program is usually best suited for those who have gone through detox, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient. The client does not reside at the Walker wilderness treatment center, nor does he or she spend as much time there as he or she does during an intensive outpatient program.

Instead, clients in an outpatient program will do things such as participate in an hourlong weekly meeting, family therapy, receive employment support, motivational training, and court assistance, if necessary. This allows you to transition into a normal routine while still receiving counseling support. Research shows that the longer you stay in some sort of treatment, the better your chance of not relapsing.

Therapy Programs at Harmony Ridge


Evidence-Based Therapy

Addiction is a complicated disease. No matter what level of care you enter, your recovery will depend on you recognizing why you abused substances in the first place. We have licensed professional counselors who will guide you through this journey with evidence-based therapy.

Some of the therapies we use are:

Individual therapy—You will have one-on-one sessions with your counselor to help you discover your reasons for substance use.

Group therapy—You will engage in therapy sessions with 5 to 15 other individuals. Members engage with other people and to see issues from other perspectives.

Family therapy—When one member of a family has an addiction, all members are affected by it. Family therapy helps all parties learn to recover and understand each other.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)—Another form of one-to-one talk therapy, CBT will help you recognize how thinking patterns affect behavior actions and how to correct it.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)—DBT is similar to CBT but it dwells more on your emotional vulnerabilities.  It is also helpful for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Alternative Therapies

Some of our alternative and holistic therapies include:

Wellness education—Stress is a big obstacle to maintaining abstinence and exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Taking care of yourself physically has been proven to be useful in recovery.

Holistic therapy—Holistic therapy seeks to incorporate the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Holistic therapies might include yoga, acupuncture, or art therapy.

Experiential therapy—Non-traditional methods are used to help addicts breakthrough repressed feelings and emotions that might have been the cause of their addiction.

Harmony Ridge Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Center


Medication-assisted treatment is the use of medications, combined with counseling and behavioral therapies which have been shown to be effective in the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Opioid Use Disorder

Studies show that those who are addicted to opioids and/or opiates can benefit from participating in medication-assisted treatment programs. Harmony Ridge rehab programs in Walker, WV provide clients with prescription medication designed to help manage the intensity of their withdrawal symptoms and help prevent powerful cravings. Current medications include:

  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone
  • Vivitrol
  • Suboxone

Alcohol Use Disorder

Medication-assisted treatment for AUD currently consists of 4 medications that are recommended for treating alcohol use disorder. They are:

  •   Acamprosate
  •   Disulfiram
  •   Naltrexone
  •   Topiramate

Each of the medications acts differently and has different side effects. At Harmony Ridge, we use medication-assisted treatment to effectively wean individuals off of these substances in a safe manner. This treatment can last anywhere from one to six months long, and no clients are ever discharged while they are still on one of these medications.

Sober Living / Housing


Our extensive network of resources in the area and abroad will assist you in finding affordable, safe, clean, recovery-focused housing that best suits your needs. Lack of a stable, alcohol, and drug-free living environment after treatment is a serious stumbling block for some people trying to remain abstinent.

Sober living homes (SLHs) are facilities that provide safe housing and supportive, structured living conditions for people who are leaving rehabilitation programs. A sober living home is a transitional environment between treatment and mainstream society. They are often structured around 12-step programs or other recovery methods. Residents are often required to take random drug tests to show efforts to maintain sobriety.

Community / 12-Step Meetings


Our AA and NA-sanctioned meetings, located in our meeting hall, are open to the public and provide much-needed support to a local community that is deep-rooted in recovery and deserves all the local support systems that it can get in fighting the opioid and drug epidemic. Some of the benefits of 12-Step meetings are:

  • Offers total involvement in a community of non-users
  • You get a sense of belonging
  • Groups give mutual support for not using substances
  • Destigmatizes drug and alcohol addiction
  • Helps you gain responsibility
  • Helps you accept your problem with drugs/alcohol
  • It’s easy to make new friends because you’ll have something in common

Getting Treatment at Harmony Ridge


If you need treatment or if you know someone who needs drug or alcohol rehab, you are looking in the right place. We are located in West Virginia in the Mid-Ohio Valley. While it is a beautiful and peaceful setting, it is also located where the opioid crisis is especially widespread.

Our goal is to help every individual who comes to us to reach their personal goals. No one ever has a goal to have a substance use disorder and we know that. Nothing will get better by waiting, so contact us now. We are available to you 24 hours a day.

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