Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Athens OH – Simple Guide

Drug rehab may seem intimidating, and understandably so. For most of us, it’s a new and unknown experience, and one that sounds like a long-term commitment. It also comes with notable costs, and health insurance coverage can be quite unclear. What’s more, there’s such an abundance of services and treatments that you may feel more lost and confused than comforted. For every drug rehab center Athens OH has to offer there’s at least one of these discouraging factors at play.

If that’s the case for your or your loved ones, we at Harmony Ridge are here to help. As established professionals in the field, we’ve offered services for drug and alcohol rehab in West Virginia for years. In this simple guide, we’ll condense our experience down to everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

What Does Rehab Look Like?

First things first, if you’ve researched rehab you’ve likely seen such terms as “inpatient”, “outpatient”, and “aftercare” before. These may seem too clinical and specialized, or too vague to make sense of. In either case, it rarely helps to not be able to grasp what the journey to recovery look like.

To address this, let us begin by demystifying the rehab process. To do so we’ll go through the different programs which make up the rehab journey, in typical order. While this won’t be identical for each case, it should give you a rather clear idea of what to expect.

Caption: Knowing what the typical journey to recovery looks like should help you make an informed choice if you seek rehab services.

A close-up of a person’s hand holding a white chalk on a blackboard while thinking about alcohol rehab Athens OH
Knowing what the typical journey to recovery looks like should help you make an informed choice if you seek rehab services.

So, let’s begin.

#1 Detox

For all but the mildest of cases, detox is the typical first step. It’s what every drug rehab Athens OH professional suggests, and for good reason. But what exactly is it?

In brief, as the name suggests, detox programs cater to the initial detoxification phase of rehab. They typically take place in a medical detox center, in a safe and comfortable clinical environment. During them, the patient is given FDA-approved medications and stays under constant medical supervision. This intends to achieve:

  • Early relapse prevention, as the patient is monitored and given clinical services as needed
  • Withdrawal symptom management, given that quitting any addictive substance will trigger uncomfortable symptoms
  • Cravings management, as the body gets used to the substance’s absence

If you’ve heard of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) before, this is what that term refers to. This process typically lasts for a week, but may extend to two or, rarely, three. As with all programs, the final duration depends on each case’s severity and each patient’s progress.

#2 Inpatient Programs

As detox concludes, inpatient programs – or “residential programs” – are typically the next step toward recovery. This may not be the case for mild cases, or for those who have made excellent progress already, or for all substances. For instance, not every alcohol rehab center Athens OH houses will offer inpatient programs. Conversely, inpatient drug rehab centers in West Virginia are explicitly focused on such offerings.

Inpatient programs tend to last for a month, but may extend to 3 or more depending on the case. This type of program, as the name implies, has the patient stay in designated clinical facilities. During this stage the patient will receive clinical services, psychiatric help if needed, and focused, individualized therapy.

A doctor and a patient having a discussion while seated indoors.
During inpatient programs, patients remain in close contact with doctors and clinicians to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible.

#3 Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

Now this type of program you may not have seen often. That’s because Partial Hospitalization Programs tend to be a step-down service after inpatient programs – which many may skip.

The typical partial hospitalization program West Virginia treatment providers suggest will last for anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks. Such programs will have the patient leave clinical settings and live at home, while still receiving some clinical services weekly. This approach best suits patients who have made considerable progress, enough so to complete an inpatient program, but may still require some medical supervision and support.

You may think of this type of program as a hybrid between inpatient and outpatient programs, as we’ll see next.

#4 Outpatient Programs

Exactly like the name implies, next come outpatient programs which see the patient stay at home. Such programs typically focus on behavioral therapy, as we’ll see next, and are among the key offerings of virtually every drug rehab center Athens OH and its vicinity offer.

During such programs, the focus of rehab shifts to psychotherapy and reintegration into everyday life. The patient does remain in contact with treatment providers, in case clinical services are needed, but is now becoming autonomous.

The duration of these programs depends strongly on the variant; there are Outpatient Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs. The two differ as regards intensity and weekly hours of therapy, so their duration can differ too. The typical intensive outpatient program West Virginia providers opt for will last between one and four months. Depending on the case they might even be extended, but most tend to last for about a month.

A psychotherapist and a patient lying on the couch during a therapy session.
Outpatient programs are a staple for most rehab journeys, and focus strongly on psychotherapy to root out harmful behaviors that fuel addiction.

#5 Sober Living Homes

Finally come sober living homes, and here the name may confuse more than help. These programs are not actually only to be found among the offerings of an alcohol rehab center Athens OH. Rather, sober living homes are used to complete many journeys to recovery from many substances beyond alcohol.

These programs can be used to conclude rehabilitation, or serve as a continued step of aftercare. For their duration, the now-rehabilitated individual stays at designated residential facilities with their peers. Sober living homes come with an array of house rules, from continued abstinence to curfews and house chores. By following these rules, the individual can cement their freedom from addiction and remain abstinent.

That said, the duration of such programs does differ significantly. For sober living WV treatment providers will typically suggest at least 3 months, but individuals can choose to stay longer. In fact, NIDA notes that up to 18 months of sober living can prove very beneficial.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Athens OH And Beyond

Now that you know what the journey will look like, you may begin to look into your options. Unfortunately, if you’re in Athens and are looking for treatment in your immediate vicinity, your options are limited.

A close-up of a person keeping notes with a pen.
If you’re looking for specific services or a consistent journey, Athens OH may disappoint – so you may need to expand your scope.

Specifically, as AAC’s finds, there are only 3 centers for drug rehab Athens OH has to offer. These are by all means reputable treatment providers, but consider the journey highlighted above. Among the 3 of them,

  • One offers MAT detox services
  • Two focus on mental health and offer psychotropic medication
  • All three offer outpatient programs and a focus on behavioral health, but none offer inpatient programs

For many cases, especially milder ones, these can certainly suffice. However, consider that:

  • Inpatient programs may be necessary post-detox
  • Fracturing your rehab journey across providers, such as by detoxing with one and seeking psychotropic medication with another, will only make case management harder
  • Health insurance coverage options will also differ across providers, complicating the journey further

So what can you do? AAC’s filter rightly suggests expanding your search radius. If “up to 120 miles” sounds too much, why not look to West Virginia? It’s only ~29 miles from Athens OH to Parkersburg WV, and the options will be well worth the 45-minute drive.

Finding The Right Option For You; What Should You Look For?

Of course, that option is ultimately up to you. Still, whether you opt for drug rehab Athens OH offers or look to WV, what should factor into your decision?

A series of white doors on a white wall.
Whether your options are plenty or limited, your final decision should not be up to chance; you and your loved ones deserve the best.

As established drug addiction treatment professionals, we at Harmony Ridge have seen this question manifold. And, as promised in the introduction, answering it is exactly what we’re here for.

So, here we’ll outline 7 key factors. As we do, we’ll dedicate a subsection to explaining just why each factor is worth your consideration.

#1 Reasonable Distance

First, if you do seek treatment outside of Athens OH, you will likely still want your providers to be nearby. You can by all means forget this factor entirely if you,

  • Have somewhere to live that’s close to the treatment center
  • Will only be receiving telehealth services
  • Don’t mind longer rides or drives

And of course, what you deem “reasonable” will also depend entirely on you. Still, our advice is to start your search within 60 miles at most, to make the process easier.

Why does this matter?

Distance matters significantly if you consider such programs as PHPs and IOPs. During them, you’ll be receiving therapy a few times a week – so you’ll be hitting the road often. In such cases, shorter distances will reduce your time on the road and your related expenses.

A close-up of a black wing mirror of a driving car.
While a few drives or rides may be pleasant, a reasonable distance from your providers will save you fatigue down the line.

#2 An Abundance Of Options

Second, having an abundance of options is just as important. A single drug rehab center Athens OH offers may not cover all your potential needs if its options are limited. By “options”, we mean:

  • Different programs to personalize a rehab journey
  • Various therapies for further personalization
  • Complementary therapeutic activities, in line with holistic addiction therapy principles

Why does this matter?

This is important for a simple reason. Every journey to recovery differs significantly from the next, and each case has its own unique needs. If a treatment provider only offers a limited selection of programs or services, it’s less likely that they can meet each case’s needs.

#3 A Focus On Behavioral Therapies

Beyond general options, a strong focus on behavioral therapies is also vital. These are at the core of outpatient programs, and include:

Why does this matter?

This matters immensely, as behavioral therapies are now becoming an established staple. Whether a behavioral health center or an alcohol rehab center Athens OH offers suits you best, behavioral therapies are an invaluable rehab asset with demonstrable effectiveness. In fact, NCBI confirms they improve traditional pharmacotherapy significantly:

“Efficacious behavioral treatments exist, and conditions for which efficacious medications exist can be treated with combinations of behavioral and pharmacological treatments that have even greater potency than either type of treatment alone.”

A psychotherapist and a happy couple on the couch during a therapy session.
Programs that focus on behavioral therapies will often bring families and loved ones into the process as well, mending relationships and easing recovery.

#4 Substance-specific Treatments

On the subject of personalization, you may also consider the type of addiction you’re seeking treatment for. No two substances are identical – so treatment for different substances can’t be identical either. This is why alcohol rehab centers in WV are now expanding their offerings to include substance-specific treatments beyond alcohol, too.

Substance-specific treatments can include:

Why does this matter?

In line with the above, this matters because it’ll significantly increase your chances for a successful recovery. The better your treatment providers can focus on the specific substance, the better they’ll be able to guide and support you.

#5 Dual Diagnosis Services

Another crucial factor lies in dual diagnosis services – which drug rehab Athens OH providers thankfully offer. If the term seems unfamiliar or providers don’t use it, you may look for mental health services instead. In simple terms, dual diagnosis means substance addiction is accompanied by a mental health disorder like:

Why does this matter?

Needless to say, this is an invaluable focus for any addiction treatment. For one, it’s incredibly common according to NIDA’s findings:

  • 7 million adults have co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. This doesn’t mean that one caused the other and it can be difficult to determine which came first.
  • Of the 20.3 million adults with substance use disorders, 9% also had mental illnesses.
  • Among the 42.1 million adults with mental illness, 2% also had substance use disorders.

And second, a dual diagnosis can be much harder to treat because two conditions need treatment at once. Providers who can’t do so effectively may not be able to guarantee a successful rehab.

A skeptical older man on a couch, touching his face in thought.
Stress and psychological turmoil can often coincide with substance use, as one feeds the other.

#6 A Stellar Portfolio

If all of these are hints at your candidates’ proficiency and expertise, their portfolio is a guarantee. Whether your candidates include drug rehab Athens OH providers or cocaine rehab West Virginia centers, their records deserve a look. You may examine, for instance, if their portfolio includes success stories of treating specific demographics like:

Why does this matter?

Put simply and honestly, every treatment provider will claim they’ll best serve your needs. However, such claims need proof. If they’re eager to provide examples of their past work or patient testimonials, that should help reassure you.

#7 Proper Insurance Coverage

Finally, on the practical side, rehab can be costly. What’s worse, insurance coverage can differ significantly – only complicating the process further. Say, alcohol rehab Athens OH services may not receive equal coverage to treatment for other substances. So, it’s in your best interest to ensure your candidates accept all major health insurance providers, namely:

Why does this matter?

Needless to say, rehab costs can be among the most prohibitive factors when seeking help. Exact costs will vary, depending on the exact services needed, but they can be significant. Incomplete or insufficient insurance coverage can ramp up costs too, and possibly prevent a successful recovery. So, whether you’re seeking rehab for loved ones or yourself, it’s crucial to discuss these matters with your candidates.

A close-up of two people shaking hands while sitting.
Your candidates should be fully prepared to explore your financing options during the admission process to ensure seamless rehabilitation.

If You Need Help, Harmony Ridge Recovery Is Here For You

And that concludes our guide – hopefully brief, simple, and to the point. You should now have a clearer picture of what rehab looks like, and what to look for from your candidates.

With these criteria, you may find a drug rehab center Athens OH offers is not the right choice for you. If so, we at Harmony Ridge Recovery are more than happy to offer our services. We’re within reasonable distance from Athens, and offer an array of options toward rehab personalization. We have a keen focus on behavioral therapies and dual diagnosis, and our experience in the field should speak for itself.

If you feel we’re the right choice for you, or if you have further questions to make that decision, please feel free to contact us today. Our representatives are available round the clock, and will be happy to assist you in every way possible.


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