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Harmony Ridge Recovery: Combating the disease of addiction

Harmony Ridge Recovery’s journey began in 2015. Our team of medical professionals recognized there was a need to create a safe and therapeutic environment for people suffering from the disease of addiction. Since our conception, we understand the need for quality, highly individualized, evidence-based treatment programs. It’s our mission to bring these much-needed services to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction that has afflicted so many. We specialize in providing compassionate and highly individualized substance abuse treatment that is evidence-based and outcome-driven. We accept most insurance and private pay.

Evidence-Based Treatment And Holistic Therapy to Treat the Disease of Addiction


By engaging in various types of therapies and treatments, patients gain an in-depth understanding of their addiction and the underlying conditions that have fueled their alcohol and drug use. When patients exhibit a willingness to learn, this comprehensive and holistic approach to healing will give them the tools and techniques to achieving lasting sobriety.

Those living with the disease of addiction need to be given the time and respect they deserve in order to rebuild the confidence needed to achieve sobriety. It’s truly a rewarding experience to witness even the smallest positive changes in our patient’s self-confidence, attitude and outlook towards life.

We believe that the first step towards recovery begins the moment a patient decides to seek treatment. Our experienced team of licensed medical professionals, administrative staff and upper management are selected, not only for their specialized training in the disease of addiction, but for the compassion they exhibit in their daily lives.

The kind and compassionate team at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center puts every patient on a path to success by offering a vast array of therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, adventure therapy, family counseling, trauma recovery, music and art therapy, individual and group therapy, outdoor therapy, education and wellness workshops, yoga and meditation, recreational activities, as well as leisure and rest time. Our goal is to continually improve and evolve our treatment processes to meet, and exceed our patients’ needs, while helping our patients overcome the disease of addiction.

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The first step toward achieving recovery is to reach out to one of the rehabs in WV that can get you on the track to recovery. Our admissions team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Give us a call today!

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