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Addiction Treatment Process at Harmony Ridge

Research has proven that a one-size-fits-all treatment approach isn’t effective when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods. That’s why our philosophy here at Harmony Ridge Recovery is to provide each of our patients with individualized treatment.

Every patient here at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center will receive an individualized treatment plan. That individualized treatment plan is specifically tailored to meet the patient’s physical, spiritual, and mental needs. By our staff utilizing a combination of evidence-based therapies and 24-hour medical care, we have helped numerous clients heal from drug addiction, co-occurring disorders, and alcoholism.

Our team is filled with compassionate clinical and medical professionals. These professionals are dedicated to each patient’s well-being, peace of mind, and safety.

The professionals at our facilities are also extremely experienced and will be alongside every patient throughout the entire process. In doing so, the Harmony Ridge staff provides patients with the required knowledge and tools that are essential to maintain and achieve long-term sobriety.

We truly believe that every individual deserves a life that is free from drug and alcohol addiction.

There have been thousands of individuals that have achieved long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with the assistance of our compassionate and kind team of medical professionals.

Thus, the first step in attaining long-lasting recovery is giving us a call to get started. In today’s article, our addiction treatment process will be explained further along with our values and therapy options.

Medical Detox and Treatment

The most crucial first step of being able to recover fully from drug and alcohol addiction is medical detoxification. Alcohol withdrawal has the power of being extremely life-threatening. That’s why medical alcohol detox is required.

After an individual treats his or her alcohol withdrawal symptoms, he or she should then attend alcohol addiction treatment. Individuals that treat their drug withdrawal symptoms through drug detox should also then attend drug addiction treatment.

Medical drug detox is designed for individuals who show signs of psychological and physical dependence on drugs. After completing a medical drug detox program, individuals will receive drug addiction treatment.

Part of our treatment philosophy here at Harmony Ridge is to ensure that each individual can live a healthy lifestyle. We here at Harmony Ridge Recovery follow through with this treatment philosophy by providing our patients with solid detox programs that lay a strong foundation upon which to build healthier and better habits.

Learning about the characteristics of medical drug detox programs allows individuals to discover the plans that best suit their needs. After completing a supervised detox program and residential treatment, the majority of our patients continue to our partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program, also known as PHP, is designed to be an option for outpatient treatment. As a consequence, our PHPs provide intensive care for our patients who are struggling with mental health addictions without the requirement of residing at our treatment facilities.

A PHP program is designed to work with our patients who require a higher level of care than our standard outpatient services can provide though. Consequently, PHP’s are considered to be highly effective in overall treating substance addiction along with co-occurring mental health issues. The main mission of a PHP is to provide comprehensive care for patients with mental health and substance abuse issues.

It is our philosophy that our partial hospitalization programs also aim to provide rehab patients with the ability to live their lives in real-world settings during the period of time that they are receiving treatment. The forms of treatment that are offered in our PHP programs are detox, medical services, and medication management.

In addition to that philosophy of treatment, we also offer the following in PHPs:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Aftercare planning
  • Holistic treatments

Our PHP Treatment Philosophy

Part of our treatment philosophy is making sure our patients can participate in recovery support activities located in the community. These activities promote the patient’s overall long-term recovery process and healing. This is demonstrated by showcasing that recovery is possible in everyday life situations.

Our philosophy is also to treat each patient in our rehab facility as a whole person. That requires the paramount encouragement of emotional and mental health, along with physical wellness. During our partial hospitalization program, individuals will expect to engage in program-specific clinical groups such as:

  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention training
  • Meditation, yoga, and cranial sacralal
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Biofeedback
  • Nutrition

When the above-mentioned programs are combined, they promote a total healing process. As our clients here at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center make the preparations to depart from our rehab facilities, our philosophy is still to ensure that their recovery is long-lasting in their lives. Thus, our mission is to provide each patient with the most individualized level of care possible.

To properly achieve our mission, we ensure our PHPs offer individual therapy. One of the most significant benefits of beginning rehab with inpatient treatment is the supportive environment that is provided by inpatient therapy. The most successful residential treatment plans are specifically customized to the patient and therefore implemented in a long-lasting program.

It’s no secret that long-term treatment programs and residential treatment programs assist rehab patients make full recoveries. Thus, the most successful PHP program is one that is a step down from residential treatment. This is because such a rehab program helps individuals transition into regular life after treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment

Our intensive outpatient program treatment offers individuals more of a flexible approach to addiction treatment. At our intensive outpatient treatment program, there will be opportunities to receive sufficient care and then be able to return home to your support system. Because IOPs last for a shorter period of time and allow their patients to live at home during the period of time that they are receiving treatment, they are more suited for individuals with more moderate cases of addiction.

The practical approach of outpatient treatment is to practice healthy coping mechanisms after receiving care. This treatment program is generally more affordable. The benefits of standard outpatient programs include detoxification or medication-assisted treatment and psychotherapy.

Our philosophy of treatment with outpatient programs in behavioral health care works as a shield for substance abuse. Early recovery is certainly achievable through various alternative therapies. One of our alternative therapies is intensive outpatient program treatment (IOPs).

Part of our treatment philosophy is crafting coping strategies to enhance overall chances of recovery. As a part of our continuing care program, IOPs have proven to be extremely beneficial in the realm of behavioral health. IOPs are direct treatment services for individuals with co-occurring conditions or substance use disorders.

IOPs are specifically designed to provide psychological, social, and behavioral social support therapies to individuals as they still reside at home. Thus, IOPs allow rehab patients to continue participating in work and educational activities.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction provides exceptional comprehensive care for individuals who are seeking assistance for their substance dependency. This program is specifically designed for individuals who require continual support for both psychological and physical addiction effects.

Our committed team is excellent at following our philosophy when it comes to treatment. Our committed team also takes special care to oversee our patients’ conditions on a 24 hour day basis.

Part of our philosophy when it comes to treatment is to ensure that every patient has the comfort, support, and safety necessary during this vulnerable period in his or her life. Our highly structured and remarkable residential rehab program is our next level of care. This is because it provides supportive and attentive emotional and medical attention and treatment.

We have a serene and calm atmosphere here at Harmony Ridge. Such an atmosphere is geared to assist those looking to overcome addiction in a holistic treatment setting.

The beauty of our addiction treatment programs and therapies is the fact that there is a balance. Whether you are desiring alone time or the chance to sit back and reflect quietly, that downtime is available to you. If you’re needing the support and comfort from your peers, you can also receive such socialization in our group therapy sharing sessions.

Therapeutic Components

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